Thursday, May 14, 2009

Partition Hard Disk

I have 2 hard disks running on my PC and both are 80gb. Windows are running on my C: and D: is where I put my files like movies, mp3s, photos and all the junks. D: is almost full while my C: is only 20% used. I need another drive to dump all new files so I decided to repartition my C: since there are many space available.

The thing is what software do I need? I've heard of a software called Partition Magic and how user friendly it is but I need to pay for it, I'm the freebies kind of guy so that software definitely not for me. So I browsed on the internet searching for freewares and I found this software called Easeus Partition Master 3.5 Home Edition. I downloaded it and installed.

You know what, this is the most easy to use software to partition your hard disk. And the best part of it is IT'S FREE !!!! YAY !!

All you have to do is set how you want you drive to be partitioned and click apply and it will do the rest for you automatically. Yup, just a few clicks only. But make sure you close all other programs and there is no thumb drive in your usb port.

Now I have 40gb on my C: 80gb on my D: and 40gb on my E:.

Hope this info will help.

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