Monday, October 19, 2009

Life Goes On (2)

Deepavali was not so happening this year, I mentioned in earlier post that I wanted to have lots of chicken curry, mutton curry, tosai and all the Indian dishes during Deepavali but in the end I didn't even visit any of my Indian friends. Got few invitations to their open houses but didn't make it. Not that I don't have the time it just that suddenly don't have the mood to celebrate anything.

Hmm... what the hell is going on with me, bored.. bored.. bored... I think what I need is vacation. Last time when I was still single I would just pack all my stuff, throw them in my car and just drive all the way to KL and have fun, or drive up north then take a boat to Langkawi and hang out by the beach for a few days all by myself. Very relaxing.

Really miss my bachelor life lah, haiya.... life goes on.

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Armetz said...

woih...jom p pangkor 25 dec nieh...