Friday, February 27, 2009

Healthy Lifestyle ( Vege Planting )

Following my previous post of Healthy Lifestyle, I decided to eat more vegetables. If you can afford to buy them then it's not a problem since you can buy them everywhere, but for a jobless guy like me, I really can't afford them.

So, I try to plant them. I have started a few days back by planting `sayur sawi' (in English I think it's called green mustard or in chinese `chap choi', please correct me if I'm wrong).

I bought the seeds from Parkson for Rm1.70, spread the seeds on a tray with peat moss, water them 3 times a day and this is the result...

See that !! It's growing. If everything goes well, about 40 days from today it's ready for `mee goreng' or just simply `vege soup'.

For all the `kedekut or kiam siap' people out there, you can plant them too. Easy and cheap.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Healthy Lifestyle

I eat a lot. I eat lots of meat, lots of junk food, lots of everything but I eat very less of vegetables. Not that I hate vegetables, it just that vegetables don't taste like chicken. Compare the taste of fried chicken and vegetable soup. Which one do you guys think taste better?

To make things worst, I don't exercise, I smoke 2 packs of cigarette a day and I always go to bed very late at night.

VERY UNHEALTHY lifestyle of mine... and I believe many of you guys out there are having the same way of living as I am.

Do we want to continue this unhealthy way of living??? the answer is YES. Why?? Because we all are lazy bastards and for lazy bastards like us this the cool way of life.

But I want to live like this and stay healthy, how do I do that?

Eat this ......

Vitamin E and Ginkgo. According to an expert if you take these 2 supplements you will be healthy and very smart too.

Vitamin E will be the vegetables.

Ginkgo will be the responsible one to make you smart. How? I don't really know. But I'm giving it a shot. Nothing to lose anyway.

Friday, February 20, 2009

My Mo Siang Friends

The good thing about this game is I have got to know many new friends in a new world.
Cyber world friends.

These are my Mo Siang's Friends...

Ok guys, enjoys your photos !!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Elizabeth Wong Nude Scandal

Malaysian politics now is like a circus. The most controversial issue now is the new leaked nude photos of Selangor Executive Counsilor Elizabeth Wong being circulated on the internet.

As you all know, I don't have her photos here on my blog but you guys can find them here and search for Elizabeth Wong to see her controversial photos.

p/s : Not bad for a milf. I'm a milf lover too. ( that's a secret)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Beijing At Last

It has been about 2 months since I started Mo Siang. I have been to so many places but never Beijing before. The reason is I'm not powerful enough to make it there alone.

With some help I finally got there. Beijing at last..

Below are few photos taken from Beijing and Great Wall...

p/s: My condolence to Siti Nurhaliza. ( Her dad passed away )

Friday, February 13, 2009

What to have for breakfast ?

I always like to have `nasi lemak' for breakfast and sometimes I buy `nasi tomato' at the road side which cost me rm2.50 a `bungkus'. Additional rm1.50 will get me a `teh ais'. Total damage rm4.00. That's a lot of money for a breakfast.

My dad can `kau tim' his breakfast for only rm2.00 but I'm double his weight and much younger, so I need to eat double and pay double what he pays.

He pays rm2, I pay rm4. Fair enough.

But today I managed to beat my dad in this breakfast and this is what I had for breakfast this morning...??

`Roti Telur' and `Kopi Ais'. The damage is only RM2.70. I beat you dad !

You guys can do this too but I think you can only make it cheaper only by eating less. By eating less for breakfast you'll be eating like a pig for lunch. So don't eat less ok.

There's another to thing you can have for breakfast for much cheaper or free. You guys can eat this ...

Yeah!! Eat shit guys !!

p/s : The prices mentioned is in Sungai Petani, Kedah. Don't compare with KL.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My First And Only Car

I always wanted to have my own car but it's not easy to buy one being a jobless guy like me. It's not that I don't want to work but every time I applied for a job, they rejected my application. They said I'm asking for too much.

What the hell do they mean by that? ( RM15K a month salary and a Beemer for me to drive to work too much for them? ) I think it's reasonable for a position of technician in a factory right guys??

Maybe I'm just too good for them.

That didn't stop me from getting a car of my own so I have been saving money and finally have enough to buy one. I'm so excited about my first car and would like to share this experience with you guys.

Check this out... My very own car !!

Wah lau eh.. Cool or not? Any chicks want to have a ride, don't hesitate to email as long you pay for petrol. I'm jobless mah...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thailand `Car Insurance'

For those who always drive to Thailand, this is very important information for you guys. Usually you don't have to buy car insurance policy when you just want to go pass the Thailand border to Danok, but if you decided to go further than that, you must buy the car insurance. I think you guys would already knew that but..

This is the story from 3 of my friends that had just came from Thailand. They drove a BMW 5 series to Thailand about a week ago to Hat Yai city to be more exact. On the way back they had an accident. They knocked a car in front of them and the car in front of them knocked another car in front. Something like a domino effect. Four cars involved in the accident including their brand new 5 series beemer. Since they have bought the insurance policy they thought they got nothing to worry about until the insurance agent came and told them the insurance is actually for pedestrian. Which means the insurance policy only cover people, NOT VEHICLES.

That's right!! Only people not cars, if you knock other vehicles you have to pay for everything!! and the police will hold your car until you settled all the damages done by you. They ended up paying RM20,000 for all the cars (except their car).

So... since that you know about this, try not to drive to Thailand. Take bus or train or just fly there. Hassle free. If you still want to drive there, find someone who can read thai and buy the correct insurance policy which i heard cost around RM500. Those insurance policies that you had been buying near border all this long are BIG TIME SCAMS !!

Hope this information is helpful. Don't believe me? Go buy the insurance and go knock another car in Thailand. See what happen.

p/s: Jaown, careful man. I know you always go to Thailand.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Where to invest in Malaysia?

There are many kinds of investments in Malaysia like Fixed Deposits, ASB, ASW, Forex and many more. Here I would like to share with you on what I think is the best to way to invest your savings rather than placing your money in savings account which gives you only 1% or 2% interest p.a.

Buying and holding gold has always been a good investment because gold price always go up. If it goes down that would just be for temporarily only. Apparently the price will definately be going up and up. But, where the hell are you going to buy gold for just a few grams. You can't buy them at jewellery shop, can you? You can't buy them from 7-11 of course.

Here's the answer. Buy them at any Public Bank in Malaysia. You have to buy initial purchase of 20 grams only at market price and can buy 5 grams subsequently. Just as simple as eating `roti canai'.
Buy at cheaper price, Sell at higher price. Check it out here.

p/s: U guys check it out lah, I'm jobless so can't afford it. kekeke

How to PU in Mo Siang

How to PU in Mo Siang? Here are a few tips on how to PU in Mo Siang.

  • Power Up skill must be at least 5, preferable 10 and above
  • Use Power Protection Stone if u can afford it
  • Don't PU in crowded places, Never Chang An Channel 1, I suggest Kai Feng
  • Must face a wall and you must be facing south ( 6 o'clock )
  • Switch off your running skill
Try these few tips, they will give you more PU success ( of course not 100% )

Monday, February 9, 2009

Mo Siang Online Again

I have reached level 31 and starting to get lazy to go lvling. So I'll be in Chang An channel 1 trying to sell all my old belongings. If you guys want to buy my old weapons, armors, bracers or boots, come and meet me in Chang An ch 1. My character is NasiKandarHero.

That's me !!

My Current Project ( Red Chilli Farm )

Nowadays all over the nation people are trying to venture into new business. Some people do this, some people do that but not many got lucky. One of the most popular business nowadays is chilli farming and I will not want to miss this opportunity too, I myself decided to give it a shot ! After all I'm a full time jobless guy so I have plenty of time to do what others can't do, like starting a chilli farm and writing this blog.

Do you see the photos up there? Not bad right, not bad at all. The price of red chilli per kg has hiked up very high. But those are not mine, mine actually down there..

Shit ! That's my red chillies.. I guess I'm not one of those lucky ones... Well.. I'm not going to give up just like that yet, going to start all over again and will update u guys soon.

p/s : can't wait for Pak Lah to step down and see what will happen to Khairy.

Making Money Online, Can or Cannot?

Many people has been trying to make money online, I tried too but what the hell, there are still many ways for making money. But now the situation is different for me, I have a blog now. Hooray !!! I might be rich. But when thinking about Tun Dr. Mahathtir's blog or Kennysia's blog and how many visitors they have everyday, I think i might not be so lucky with this blog thing.

So what if I can't make any money online, I like to blog and I'm willing to do it for NO money at all (some money won't do any harm.. hehehehe). I am going to put Adsense' on my blog and going to put `nuffnang' too on my blog soon just to try my luck.

p/s : to hell with Malaysian Politics........

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Thaipusam

Today is one of the most happening celebration here in Malaysia. At least that is my opinion. Why? Well... today all the Indians will come out wearing very colourful outfit and gather at the temple to pray. That's the good thing about today. Praying has always be a good thing.

Later.... they will start drinking and dancing in the middle of the road. Very happening.

Then.... the peak of the event and the MOST happening thing is they will fight among themselves. What a great closure of the celebration. They have been doing this over and over again every year.
But not all of them, just a portion of them.

All that I wanted to say here is, Malaysia is a very unique country to have many races living together. We are all blessed to be able to witness other races cultures and festivals.

Happy Thaipusam to All Malaysian Indians from me.

Former Majalah 3 Host Leaked Nude

Norazlina Redzuan former Majalah 3 host nude photos has leaked and circulating on the internet now. I don't really know who she is since I don't really watch Majalah 3 or to be more accurate I'm not the tv kind of guy, just internet kind of guy.

I'm not going to post her nude photos in my blog but you can click here and search majalah 3 or Norazlina Redzuan to see her nude photos.

Just a piece of advice to everyone out there, don't snap any photo of yourself nude unless you want to share them to the whole world. It just the matter of time before they get into the wrong hands.

Mo Siang Online Game

I always `lepak' at my friend's place and he always screws his sons for not doing their homework and spending too much time with the computers. It seems the kids have gone crazy about this online game called `Mo Siang Online'. Since I have nothing to do as well so why not do what the kids are doing, let's play online game. Let's `Mo Siang' too.

It has been 2 months now since i started to play this game, and you know what?? I'm hooked to it, I guess I have gone crazy too. Sometimes I spend 12 hours non-stop playing this game.

Very cool game, for those who got nothing to do out there, I suggest you guys should try this game. Join me on Cerberus server in Mo Siang. My Character is NasiKandarHero.

You can download this game at