Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Bro !

Not like others I prefer not to go clubbing on Saturday night, but last night my friend invited me to his birthday party in Penang. I was reluctant to go but I just couldn't decline his invitation. I find Saturday night is not a safe night to go clubbing because the police like to raid pubs and disco on Saturdays too. This time I had no choice so I went out to the party anyway.

It was held at this disco used to being called as `Rockworld'. Now the name of the place is something else and I don't know what it is but it is always know to Penangites as `Rockworld'. The place was so packed and very happening. Music was so loud and you can see almost all of the people in there are `high' on something. I think ecstacy and ketamine (not me, I don't do drugs and alcohol). About 4o people came to the party. It was really fun but tiring, I don't think I can do all these clubbing stuff anymore. You just get tired of it sometime.

Happy Birthday Ah Chuan, not much photos here but I hope you are reading this post.

p/s : by the way, my streamyx is now fully restored, Yay !!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Celcom Broadband

I used to have a Celcom Broadband and was really not satisfied with the speed and coverage. But compared to Digi Edge or Maxis Broadband, Celcom still the winner. Since I've been doing my blogging from home, I stopped using Celcom and just and stick with my 1Mbs Streamyx. But these few days I have been using Celcom broadband (my sis's modem) and I'm really impressed with the speed and stability. I guessed Celcom have upgraded their broadband service very well compared to a year ago when I was still using it. But for RM68 a month, it's quite expensive. I think they should lower down the price to RM30 a month. Then only I can afford to use Celcom again.

p/s: Anyone using Digi EDGE? Need to know the stability of the service.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ikan Bakar

Yes guys, I'm still having problem with my cable connection in my house, so still no internet at home. Lastnight I had nothing to do at home so I went out with some friends for some food. They took me to this place called Taman Bersatu in SP wet market, known to the Chinese as `UTC market'. We had this `ikan kembong bakar'. They taste superb though it's quite expensive. 5 fishes for RM12. If you guys from around here you should give it a try. Sedap.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sorry Readers

I'm still having problem with my streamyx at home. I cant update my blog at home. Now I'm writing this post using my friend's laptop. Sorry guys. Will update again next time. FUCK TM !!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Go To Hell TM

I have not been able to go on the net these few days. In fact now I'm posting this post from my friend's house , `thanks' to TM for always `rosak-ing' the cable around my house area. Now everyday and night I have to watch Astro and use my PC just to scan virus. When i called them they said it will be ok in 2 days time, it has been more than 2 days now and it's still the same. When I called again, this time they said they have no idea when it's going to be ok.

TM very full of bullshit now !!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

RPK's Son Accused Of Stealing

Malaysia Today portal editor Raja Petra Raja Kamarudin’s son Raja Azman Raja Petra, 32, was accused of stealing a Nokia mobile phone; a Seiko watch and a bunch of motorcycle keys — all worth about RM3,850 in Shah Alam on April 24.

He was also accused of stealing a Yamaha 135LC motorcycle worth about RM6,000 at the same location and time. Raja Azman also pleaded guilty to another count of motorcycle theft, a black Yamaha RXZ worth about RM8,000.

He was also charged for breaking into a house and stealing a wallet containing identification card, RM20, road tax, Maybank and BSN ATM cards and driver’s license.

What the hell is wrong with this guy, RPK is trying hard to be a hero, RPK's son is a villain.

p/s : Haiya.. that's why we must take care of our home first, family must come first. Then only can take care of the world. Now become like this `malulah'.

Boring Night in Kai Feng

I really feel bored when there is no event in Mo Siang, it seems impossible to up level with no event. So tonight I just wandering around in Mo Siang and met Mat-Jen, he has no where to go too so we sat down in Kai Feng waiting for someone to bring us somewhere.

Here's the two of us....

p/s : I know that I'm a little too old for PC Games, no need to remind me ok.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Me No Talent

I always wanted to be able to do something great like playing a guitar, singing rock songs, or even dancing. But the greatest thing I can do now is writing this stupid blog or hang out at `mamak'. Luckily we don't have Malaysian Got Talent show here in Malaysia. Check out this little boy Aidan Davis from Britain. He's only 11. I wish I can do just a little bit of this....

I can't embed this video so click here.

p/s : when I was 11 all I know is to play some stupid video games.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cheers Guys !!

Hooray !!! Now everyone can drink beer !! `Halal' beer is coming to Malaysia. Bottom's up guys !! People want to get drunk drinking beers, now with `halal' beer you can you can never get drunk. Then... why bother to drink beer, better drink `teh tarik'.

Friday, May 15, 2009


I have downloaded and watched this movie PUSH. It's about these some people with special powers, they can move things without touching them and can see the future stuff like that. It's filmed in Hong Kong and Dakota Fanning is in it too. I love Dakota Fanning and that's the reason I watched it.

But you know what, it's a very boring movie so don't bother to even trouble yourself to go to the cinema. Save the money for something else. It's just not worth it. DON'T WATCH IT !!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Partition Hard Disk

I have 2 hard disks running on my PC and both are 80gb. Windows are running on my C: and D: is where I put my files like movies, mp3s, photos and all the junks. D: is almost full while my C: is only 20% used. I need another drive to dump all new files so I decided to repartition my C: since there are many space available.

The thing is what software do I need? I've heard of a software called Partition Magic and how user friendly it is but I need to pay for it, I'm the freebies kind of guy so that software definitely not for me. So I browsed on the internet searching for freewares and I found this software called Easeus Partition Master 3.5 Home Edition. I downloaded it and installed.

You know what, this is the most easy to use software to partition your hard disk. And the best part of it is IT'S FREE !!!! YAY !!

All you have to do is set how you want you drive to be partitioned and click apply and it will do the rest for you automatically. Yup, just a few clicks only. But make sure you close all other programs and there is no thumb drive in your usb port.

Now I have 40gb on my C: 80gb on my D: and 40gb on my E:.

Hope this info will help.

Internet Brothel Is Closing Down

I'm sure you all are familiar with, it's a classified website where you can advertise your products or services online. It's something like or in Malaysia except that it's much bigger and wider. The most famous section in Craiglist is the `erotic service' section where people all around the world advertise their sex service online with their personal photos. It is also known as the internet brothel.

Well this section is closing down in a few days time because a 25-year-old masseuse Julissa Brisman was murdered by a 23-year-old Boston University medical student, who she met through Craigslist ads. I guessed this a very bad news for those who always find discreet sex services online. Believe it or not this section is also available for Malaysian. So bad news for Malaysian too.

Lets do it the `Old Skool' way. Just go to clubs or pubs and try to get a one night stand.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I have an Astronaut in the family. I'm so proud. Here she is without the helmet and mask on...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Perak Oh Perak

Malaysia is now very happening especially in Perak. What the hell? This is democracy in Malaysia. Like The Obnoxious 5xmom described it, we are becoming like Taiwan.

Democracy my ass. Police world !!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Alor Setar Food

Yesterday I went to Perlis to see my sister, it was raining like cats and dogs. I always get extra hungry when it rains but since heavy rains I canceled my urge to eat in Perlis and decided to drop by at Alor Setar for food. I'm not very familiar with Alor Setar town but I have a friend who is a `kaki makan' and gave him a call to ask about good places to eat in town.

He recommended that I check out this restaurant, Restoran Mama, he said the service is a bit slow but the food is damn good. He said it's worth to wait for the food.

So I headed to the restaurant, browsed the menu and decided to try the Black Pepper Steak. The price only RM12. After 45 minutes of waiting at last my steak finally came.

I should have never take my friend word for it!!! Arghh !!! The steak was really tiny and thin, I was imagining a big juicy steak. Very dissapointed. Check this out....

Very very thin piece of steak, less than 1 cm. Total crap!! I was expecting the steak to be like this...

Maybe I was expecting for too much. Thank you very much my friend for such a `good' tips on where to eat.

p/s: power betoi la jaown

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Let's Eat and Make Money

A friend of mine gave me a call and said he wanted to buy me lunch, if I can't make it then dinner is fine too. What the hell, this sound so good to be true. Anyway since I am always hungry and someone very persuasive to buy me a meal, why not? I'll never resist such an offer but I went for dinner because I usually still sleeping during lunch hour.

So for dinner my friend took me to this new place in town called Island Red Cafe, usually known as IRC. The place seems very nice and clean. So many customers and very happening. The price is reasonable too compared to Old Town Coffee. So I ordered Nasi Lemak and a cup of coffee.

Once the meals arrived at our table, my friend started telling me that I can make money while just eating there. I knew this is coming. It's the Multi Level Marketing (MLM) thing. I hate MLM. Never wanted to hear anything about MLM but too bad this time I can't avoid it. So my friend started to explain about this IRC MLM and it goes something like this...
  1. Register as a member and you get a card worth of RM300 that you can use to pay in any IRC outlets in Malaysia. (registration is RM360)
  2. Get 1 friend as your downline you will get RM15.
  3. Get another friend and you will get another RM15 plus RM90 (you get RM90 for each pair)
  4. Maximum income you can get per day is RM7xx.
If you have many friends then perhaps you can make good money. What make this MLM different than others is you pay forward the money to eat in a restaurant. The food is not bad too. If you guys interested I suggest you check it out now before too many people registered as members. Then it would be too late to get downlines.

I still haven't registered yet and not really sure to register or not. The way I see it this is the best Multi Level Marketing ever. Maybe I should try it. Eat and make money. Makan dan jadi kaya.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Weight Loss Secret

I know many of you people out there want to lose weight but damn lazy or just too busy to go to gym. In fact I myself wanted to lose weight too but lazy. Everyone wants to lose weight without putting any effort, the question is can we do that? The answer is a big YES! How?

Here is the answer......

I got this secret a few years back from a friend of mine who was a nutritionist. Now he a General Manager of a big factory and has nothing to do with nutrition anymore. ( I guessed being a nutritionist cannot make good money )

A few friends already tried it and from fat pigs they become like Brad Pitt. So it does work but the downside is it's not cheap. I just bought 4 tablets for my wife to try this afternoon and it costs RM3.50 a piece. You have to take each capsule with every heavy meals of the day like lunch and dinner. That's about RM7 a day for 2 capsules. Expensive man !! I can do may things with RM7 a day.

Anyway if you can afford it, don't just take my word for it, check it out on the internet. One more thing, after you have taken xenical, be careful when you fart. Not only wind will come out.

p/s : this is not an advertisement, just simply a tip okay. I also can't afford it. If i can quit smoking perhaps I can afford it.