Thursday, August 27, 2009

How To Transfer Big Files Online

I like to download movies and watch them on my PC rather then going to the cinema. This is because it's free and I can pause the movie anytime I like when I need to take a leak. You cant do this in the cinema, if you go to toilet during a movie in the cinema then you'll missed a scene of the movie.

Usually friends will ask me to send the movie files to them but the thing is I cant attach them in my email because movie files are big files. Of course I can share them online using rapidshare but using rapidshare needed registration and some idiots just lazy to register (including myself). So this is how I transfer the files to them.

Go to, upload the file there and give your friend the code given. Your friend can go to the website, enter the code and download the file. The best thing about this site is it's free and no registration needed. No limit to file size too. Give it a try.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kartika Caning Sentence Absurd

Kartika Sari Dewi Sukharno was sentenced to be canned by the the Islamic Law for consuming alcohol. This is very bad, I know that it is wrong for a Muslim to consume alcohol but for her to get a caning sentence is a little bit too much. This sentence is usually for murderers, rapists and robbers but now it's also given to a lady who drinks.

I know some may not agree with me but I still have to say that the punishment is way beyond rational. If they still want to carry on with the sentence on Kartika because of the Islamic Law then they should cut off the hands of thieves too because that's what is done in Arabs countries under Islamic Law. Follow the Islamic Law all the way for all Muslims and not just to some Muslims.

I think this happened because the judge was not getting lucky the night before and decided to let go on this poor girl Kartika.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Never realize that time flies like an arrow. Today my Jasmine is already 6 months and 4 days old. I still remember when she was first born, she looked like a baby boy but now after 6 months I can see her more like a baby girl as she should be. In fact a very cute baby girl. Not many good things happened to me for the past 10 years except for my Jasmine of course. Life is more colourful now.


Selamat berpuasa to all Muslims around the globe and may this month gives you all strength to carry on with your ibadah, for the non-muslim in Malaysia this is best time to try out all the best food in bazaar Ramadan especially the `ayam percik'.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Now I Have A Choice

Yeah, looks like P1 Wimax is in town now. If you guys been following my blog you know that I'm having lots of problem with streamyx in my area. The reason I'm still using streamyx is because I have no other choice, Celcom Broadband is not reliable in my area. Now since P1 Wimax is here I'm thinking of hopping over to P1 Wimax. If I have more problem with streamyx in the future I will say bye bye streamyx.

p/s: anyone already using P1 wimax? how's the perfomance?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Buah Pala To Buah Durian

I cant help myself but to say something to the Kampung Buah Pala residents. What is wrong with you guys? You guys will be getting a 500K worth of house for each family, that's really a good deal. Grab this opportunity while you still can rather than getting NOTHING at all and ended up with no house to stay.

This is a `durian runtuh' for you people. Now I wish I am one of the resident in Buah Pala. Will get a 500K worth of landed house, sell it at 700K when the price appreciate and gain extra 200K. Then buy a RM150K apartment and still have RM550K to spend or open a mini market.

This is the rich guy who's giving away the houses, Thomas Chan...

He's not only giving away houses but taking away houses also lah. WTF, not my problem.

p/s : easy for me to say lah, it's not my house that they are going to demolish.
Thomas, give me free house also lah.

Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm Now Protected

Yup, now I'm protected from accidents. Not that I cannot get hurt from any accident but at least my pocket will be protected from medical bills.

I always wanted to buy an insurance policy that can cover what I really need but most of the time insurance agents will try to sell almost everything they can to you. To sit down and have a coffee with an insurance agent is really scary, in fact I hate to even chat with them. They have nothing else to talk about except how good their insurance policy and how their policy will protect you. WTF, sell sell and sell only they know. But this guy is different......

My new insurance agent. Ah Cing. This guy has a different way to approach customer. He doesnt talk much about insurance, just girls, sex, alcohol, discos, cars and other stuffs. In fact I didn't even know that he sells insurance until of course in the end when I asked him what he does for a living and he eventually said INSURANCE !!!!!.

Arghhh ... Insurance agent ah??? Nevermind lor just to be polite I simply asked about his products. He recommended that I buy a PA policy (Personal Accidents) for only RM195 a year and be protected. Kind of cheap and worth buying considering if I get admitted to a private hospital also for any injury will cost a few thousand already nowadays. This policy will cover my medical bills and pay me RM100 a day some more and RM1500 for five days admitted.

That's my AIA Care Card. If you guys want to buy this policy please contact my friend Ah Cing at 012-4282911. Support this guy a bit, can `bayar hutang' some more if you want. Cheap and worth it.

p/s :
If I get broke maybe I can fake and accident and get some pocket money from it, hehehe, just kidding.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

How To View Blocked Sites

One of the most controversial blog is now blocked. is now blocked by our government. All streamyx users are now unable to go to this site. For those who doesn't know what this site is all about, well it's about all the photos of world celebrities that's you can't see on television or newspapers. A few photos that really upsets very high people in our government is also believed to be published in this site, that's the reason it is blocked.

But I have learned a trick from a dude on how visit blocked sites. Here's the trick. Search for `free proxy' on google, go to the free proxy site for example then type the blocked url on the site and you can visit the blocked sites from there. Easy right !! Give it a try.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Sorry for not updating my blog for very very long time. The reason is my home phone cable connection is broken again. Yes I know, this is like the 1000 times already it's broken. It has been raining heavily this few weeks and I think it's broken because of the heavy rain, complain has been made but you know lah TM people, they will take their own sweet time to get the cable back to work. Luckily my sis has celcom broadband. At least I can write this post using her broadband.

Nothing much is happening lately, just busy doing some outside work. Will update soon.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Old 7575

If you read my previous post, you know that I need to travel more often now and it's very tiring travel around in my little Proton Savvy. It's very economical but not suitable for long distance. I have no choice but to repair my old 7575 and get it on the road. Here is my 7575......

From the photo above my 7575 looks just fine but there's many things need to be done. The leather seats are cracked, roadtax expired, insurance also expired, battery is dead, timing belt need to be changed, absorbers need replacement, got to change all the tyres, brake not functioning, engine need some repairs and also need to repaint the whole car.

That's why I don't drive the car for a year already. Now the car is at my friend shop to do the seats first. Check out the condition of the seats ......

Very bad condition right. It has been like that for years. So now I need some financial help. Any `Ah Long' out there got no business out there please email me, I will be your customer but if I cannot pay please dont chop my family okay. Have a chicken chop.