Monday, December 27, 2010

How was my year 2010

First of all I would like to wish Merry Christmas to everyone out there, I can't believe I that i didn't even visit my Christian's friends this year during Christmas. I'm really sorry guys, it's not that I forgotten the day it just that I have finally got a job. Yup, I've been jobless for about 10 years and I finally jobless no more.

Let see.... what have I done in 2010...

1. Yup, I finally concentrate more on facebook
2. Less blogging ( because of facebook)
3. Got a real job ( Running a security company now)
4. Bought myself a new house
5. Got myself 2 New Gold Credit Cards (because I got a job)
6. Got myself a Samsung Wave (because I got Credit Cards )
7. Lots of debts (because of credit cards)

Looking back at it I have done nothing much actually, looking forward to do more in 2011. Happy New Year everyone !!!

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