Friday, July 8, 2011

China Girls

No doubt that China is a country with the most population in the world. I won't be surprised if one day they would just invade and conquer the whole world. It seem like they are already started conquering the world with their ladies. Don't believe?? Better believe it !

About less than 10 years back we hardly see any girls from China, except for local Malaysian Chinese of course, but nowadays when we go to KTVs, SPAs, Restaurants, or just shopping complexes we can see all these good looking ladies and girls are actually from China. Not sure they are working or traveling but whatever they are doing here is not my problem.

This is happening everywhere in the world, USA, Dubai, UAE, Australia, UK, and anywhere else.
So for you guys who are still single I think this is the chance ( but be prepare to move whatever you have to China ).

I think it's good to have many tourists from China to visit Malaysia but lets hope they are visiting and spending money here because if they are here to take our money and bring back to to their homes in China we are going to be bankrupted!

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