Thursday, October 27, 2011

Don't Help Anyone In China

I do not mean that we should not help anyone that is in need or in trouble but, I have just learned that by just simply help anyone in China will most probably get you in a big mess. This is regarding to a few videos that I saw on the internet, an old lady fell down while walking on the road and no one seems to give a damn about, a man beating a woman and no one comes to help and recently is a very young boy that was hit by a vehicle and everybody just walked pass by pretending nothing happened.

If these happen everywhere else in the world, for example right here in Malaysia, everyone will try their best to give a helping hand. Here in Malaysia if you see a car accident before your eyes, you can see that everyone will stop their cars and try to help. So what the hell is wrong with all the Chinese in China? Look at this video....

At first, like everyone else, I thought they don't have any mercy about others, but now after a friend from China explained to me, I know that their system is so FUCKED UP that gave them no choice but not to bother about others who need help. These are the reason why....

1. There will be no thorough investigation to decide who is actually to be blamed or guilty (usually those who helped will be held responsible for what had happened)

2. If you knocked someone with your car, the person you knocked is better dead rather than alive (this is because if the person is alive then you will have to be fully responsible for all his medical expenses and whatsoever claims that he had sued you, FUCKED UP)

3. Life is not so good over there so lying about what actually happened or who is to be blamed is better than being no money to pay any hospital bills.

So readers, if you plan to travel to China, just remember to get as much info as you can, learn some Chinese and DON'T HELP ANYONE unless you know them well.

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