Monday, July 13, 2009


Another thing about that you guys need to know is I don't like going to shopping complex. Don't know why but I just don't like walking around in shopping mall for no reason. If I have something to buy then it's okay to go there. My wife has been nagging for months to go window shopping and I kept telling her to wait for our daughter to get a little older so that we can bring her along. Now my daughter Jasmine is more than 3 months old and I have no excuse but to take them out. So last few days I took them to JUSCO Bandar Perda, Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

That's my Jasmine up there when I took her to JUSCO.

I got this for her fot my Jasmine damage done is RM35.

Got this for my wife, damage around RM60

And got that for myself with a little damage of RM10 bucks.

My total damage that day was over RM 100 bucks. For a jobless guy like me RM100 bucks is a very BIG damage. HAIYA !!!!


My Reality and Fantasy Journey said...

bro, your baby also sudah besar, bila mau buat makan makan / get together ka,

Chloe Ling said...

don't be like tat, as long as your wife and daughter is happy, you should feel happy too!!! Btw, your daughter is so cute!!

The Aminos said...

jaown: no money to buat makan lah ..

chloe : ya ya very cute, the father also cute.