Monday, July 20, 2009

Permit A++

Being a married guy has never been the same compared to when I was still single. Back then when I was still single I just can't stay home at night. When the dark comes I will go and hang out with my friends till dawn. That's how I lived my life for many many years before marriage life.

Now when I'm married and have a kid, I still go out at night and came back in the morning though not as often as I used to be. Wife will nag nag and nag every time I came back late. I'm not complaining because it's a good thing to be home with family at night but it takes time for me to adjust myself.

Last night both my wife and kid went to my in laws house. This does not happen very often. Usually when this happened I consider myself got a Permit A++, meaning that I have the total freedom to go out without worrying of getting nag at when I got home. In fact I don't really need to come home till the next day. That's what I call permit A++.

Guess where I went last night when I had the total freedom?? KTV?? Nope. Disco?? Nope. Party?? Nope. Mamak stalls?? Nope.

Actually I went to bed. Can you believe that, got Permit A++ and I went to bed. WTF !!! I went to bed so early and woke this morning writing this stupid post. What a waste. Don't know when I will get my permit again.


chloeling said...

hahaha,don't punch yourself for not fully "utilised" ur Permit A++, i'm sure ur another Permit A++ will come around pretty soon...hang in there!!

The Aminos said...

chloe : my permit A++ will come but i doubt that it will come soon enough

My Reality and Fantasy Journey said...

Bro, i kena the same thing also last week, now really rugi, thats my first A++ permit for 2 and half years bro, wastedddd

Armetz said...

huh?? permit A++? need to wait....every nite is Permit A++ for me...hehehehhe

yapthomas said...

Hey! I don't know. When I grew up. I did not have my dad spending much time with the family. I yearn for more family time.

I personally think that, no matter how much you dread that you should spend time with your wife and kid. You should make time every week to do so.

Bapa Borek, Anak Rintik.

You head home early, your son will follow your footsteps.

I mean, it is our every own's freewill to do what we want but, i'm just speaking from experience as a kid. Imagine if your kid thinks back and couldn't find any happy memories with you and your wife?

That's me now on my dad and mom. I wished I had more memories of "fun" with them...

The Aminos said...

yapthomas : I totally agree with you. Going to set an example to my kid now.