Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fashion Crime

Today is a very boring day, wife and kid went back to in-laws for breaking fast. So left me alone with nothing to do. Went to a shopping mall in my home town and browse around surveying for what to buy for Hari Raya. Not many choices of outfit to buy here, maybe i should go to Penang to buy one or two tee shirts for myself.

While i was thinking of what should i buy and wear for Hari Raya i came across this guy...

Check out his pants and shoes man, i know that i'm not a fashion designer or very up-to-date with fashion but come on lah, everybody knows that those pants very very NOT up-to-date, those pants came from the years when i was not even born yet.

Really guilty of fashion crime lah this dude.

1 comment:

Chloe Ling said... let him commemorate Elvis a bit lah...haha....yeah i get what you mean...those T-shirts and the really OUT !! Btw Aminos, you could use some permit AA+ whilst having ur free time? Yay?