Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Visiting Sites

Life is getting busy for me nowadays, never been so busy in years. Don't really have time to update my blog. Have been busy visiting sites for my new company. Yesterday went to Penang, this morning went to Alor Setar. A few places in those 2 cities need security guards. Went to visit a few sites and attended a few briefings. Busy busy and busy. Will update very soon when I can catch my breath. Very tiring week, even more tiring when I'm driving this ......

This is THE CAR if you are driving around town, very convenient and fuel economy. But for the past few days I've been driving this little ugly thing up and down the between cities, now I know how much I miss my old car. Going to repair my old car and start driving it again. Going to leave this little thing at home for a while. I rather spend more on petrol for comfort.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

No More Jobless

This blog has always been about me being broke and jobless for about 10 years. Looks like everything is going to change soon. I'm going to set up a new company soon. A security company. The first security guard I will hire is of course myself. Maybe in a few months time you guys can see me standing in a bank carrying a gun and not shooting at anyone instead will pressing numbers to give customers. Hahaha. Someone got to do it okay.

I have not been updating my blog because busy looking for an office to rent. Found a few but kind of expensive. My budget is about RM400 a month but all that I've found so far cost more than RM500 a month for 1st floor. So got to keep on searching. This will definitely takes time.

By the way if anyone need security guards please let me know okay.

p/s : by the way it's my birthday today, Yay !!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Permit A++

Being a married guy has never been the same compared to when I was still single. Back then when I was still single I just can't stay home at night. When the dark comes I will go and hang out with my friends till dawn. That's how I lived my life for many many years before marriage life.

Now when I'm married and have a kid, I still go out at night and came back in the morning though not as often as I used to be. Wife will nag nag and nag every time I came back late. I'm not complaining because it's a good thing to be home with family at night but it takes time for me to adjust myself.

Last night both my wife and kid went to my in laws house. This does not happen very often. Usually when this happened I consider myself got a Permit A++, meaning that I have the total freedom to go out without worrying of getting nag at when I got home. In fact I don't really need to come home till the next day. That's what I call permit A++.

Guess where I went last night when I had the total freedom?? KTV?? Nope. Disco?? Nope. Party?? Nope. Mamak stalls?? Nope.

Actually I went to bed. Can you believe that, got Permit A++ and I went to bed. WTF !!! I went to bed so early and woke this morning writing this stupid post. What a waste. Don't know when I will get my permit again.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I'm not sure what is wrong with me, for the past 2 days I can't barely walk because of terrible back ache and stomach ache. I was sweating like hell and my whole body feel so cold. Feels like fever but I think it's more than just a fever. Hopefully it is not H1N1. Don't feel like going to the hospital, I think I will just going to rest at home on my bed for a few more days. If you guys don't hear anything from me in a week from now, I must have been admitted to the hospital or DEAD!

Arghhhh..... can't stand it anymore. Wanna take a rest now.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


There has been a lot of these kind of banners hanging around my home town nowadays. Change your PD cheque for only 1% interest. That's very cheap. Even banks can't give that kind of low interest. That means for RM100 PD cheque they only charge you Rm1. For RM1000 cheque they only charge RM10. But there's a catch, it's not 1% per year or per month but per day. That means if you RM1000 PD cheque is 30 days post dated they will charge you RM300. You will only get RM700 out of RM1000. Sometimes it makes me wonder wether this kind of business is legal or not but it's everywhere and there's still a lot of people willing to change their cheque with these people.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Another thing about that you guys need to know is I don't like going to shopping complex. Don't know why but I just don't like walking around in shopping mall for no reason. If I have something to buy then it's okay to go there. My wife has been nagging for months to go window shopping and I kept telling her to wait for our daughter to get a little older so that we can bring her along. Now my daughter Jasmine is more than 3 months old and I have no excuse but to take them out. So last few days I took them to JUSCO Bandar Perda, Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

That's my Jasmine up there when I took her to JUSCO.

I got this for her fot my Jasmine damage done is RM35.

Got this for my wife, damage around RM60

And got that for myself with a little damage of RM10 bucks.

My total damage that day was over RM 100 bucks. For a jobless guy like me RM100 bucks is a very BIG damage. HAIYA !!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Louis Vuitton

About ten years ago I always like to have branded stuff like Versace, Moschino, V2, Versus and some other branded items. But that was long time ago when I was about 20 years old. Now I don't really go for branded items because I damn broke already. Now I prefer buying middle range or slightly cheaper items rather than buying fake or imitation items.

To me wearing an original cheaper item is better than wearing an imitation item, that's just my opinion okay, you guys can have your own opinions. But the other day my wife went to Padang Besar with my mum and sisters (border between Perlis and Thailand) and got me this Louis Vuitton Bag for RM45 bucks. I hate the damn bag but I love my wife, she insisted that I carry the bag everywhere I go. Now I am stuck with this ugly fake LV bag !! This is the damn bag ......

Damn fugly bag and I am stuck with it!! Haiyah..... between ugly bag and wife, I choose wife lah, what to do....

p/s : i rather have cheaper original `Guess' bag lah..

Thursday, July 2, 2009

7 Eleven

For a small town like my home town Sungai Petani, Kedah, there's about six 7 Eleven convenience shops already. That's kind of too many for a small town. So last night I saw this newly opened convenience shop.

Yup, it's not 7 Eleven but 11 Seven. WTF man, why does it has to be 11 Seven, why not 12 Five or 3 Eight?