Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Got A New HOT Girl

I think you guys know the feeling of having the same girl for too long. Boring right??

Imagine when u are married to a woman and going to live and grow old with the same woman. That's really sucks.

Man will always be man, they can't live with only one woman in their life. No matter how sincere or honest a man is, they will still want to have another girl in their life.

Well.. I confess that I can't live with only one girl too. You can call me a dishonest guy or whatsoever you want to call me, I just want more of them. Many months back I told my wife that I need someone else in my life ( yes I'm married, too bad for my girl's readers ), what surprised me was that she agreed that I can have someone else beside her on a condition that I must take good care of both of them ( very sporting wife ). I just can't be happier to hear that.

After months of waiting for a girl to appear in my life, apparently two days ago my wish came true. Here's my new HOT girl, Irdina Jasmine

What do you think? Isn't she wonderful? My baby daughter.