Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Who should be UMNO leaders?

These are the people I think should be leaders in UMNO.

UMNO presiden
DS Najib

I am hoping that someone from `kampung' and knows the hard living of the people to be the
Prime Minister but at the moment there's no one I could think of so I have to agree
on DS Najib to be the PM.

Timbalan presiden
TS Muhyidin

I respect this man because he's the only one brave enough to force Pak Lah to
step down. You are the Man!

Ketua Pemuda
DS Mukhriz Mahathir

So far this cool guy seems to be Cleanest Man in UMNO. Many people counting on him.
I'm counting on him too. We are counting on YOU !!!!

Ketua Putera
The Aminos

Very simple reasons, I'm young, I'm cool, I'm good looking. Please vote for me if you want change !!


My Reality and Fantasy Journey said...

yes yes, i want to change, i want to change you to other person can or not? hehe

Armetz said...

ya yaa....i agree...please...dun vote for him... heheheh

The Aminos said...

Wei... If I become Chief PUTERA u guys also kaya mah.. Then I will go for chief PEMUDA, U guys become lagi kaya. U guys don't want change ah??