Saturday, May 2, 2009

Weight Loss Secret

I know many of you people out there want to lose weight but damn lazy or just too busy to go to gym. In fact I myself wanted to lose weight too but lazy. Everyone wants to lose weight without putting any effort, the question is can we do that? The answer is a big YES! How?

Here is the answer......

I got this secret a few years back from a friend of mine who was a nutritionist. Now he a General Manager of a big factory and has nothing to do with nutrition anymore. ( I guessed being a nutritionist cannot make good money )

A few friends already tried it and from fat pigs they become like Brad Pitt. So it does work but the downside is it's not cheap. I just bought 4 tablets for my wife to try this afternoon and it costs RM3.50 a piece. You have to take each capsule with every heavy meals of the day like lunch and dinner. That's about RM7 a day for 2 capsules. Expensive man !! I can do may things with RM7 a day.

Anyway if you can afford it, don't just take my word for it, check it out on the internet. One more thing, after you have taken xenical, be careful when you fart. Not only wind will come out.

p/s : this is not an advertisement, just simply a tip okay. I also can't afford it. If i can quit smoking perhaps I can afford it.

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