Friday, May 29, 2009

Celcom Broadband

I used to have a Celcom Broadband and was really not satisfied with the speed and coverage. But compared to Digi Edge or Maxis Broadband, Celcom still the winner. Since I've been doing my blogging from home, I stopped using Celcom and just and stick with my 1Mbs Streamyx. But these few days I have been using Celcom broadband (my sis's modem) and I'm really impressed with the speed and stability. I guessed Celcom have upgraded their broadband service very well compared to a year ago when I was still using it. But for RM68 a month, it's quite expensive. I think they should lower down the price to RM30 a month. Then only I can afford to use Celcom again.

p/s: Anyone using Digi EDGE? Need to know the stability of the service.


Anonymous said...

if you're below 26

Celcom has introduce special broadband student plan at rm50 per month (384kbps only) last month. you can request for this package at any celcom branches or selected bluecube outlet nationwide.

no student card or ID required, just bring off your MyKad to verify your age.

by the way, if you ask me i really satisfy with the celom broadband. maybe the perfomance is depend on area.

The Aminos said...

ic. but im way too old already. thank for the info anyway.

My Reality and Fantasy Journey said...

thru thru, he is way too old, i'm younger than him, hehehe, i'm interested too lah, rm50 per month, mobile, that is good, but it depend on the 3g coverage on that area, if have 3g coverage, than ok, if not, the situation just like me, stuck with no 3g, no mobile internet connection, and tm still suxx, dang,

aminos, if you happen to get the celcom thinggy, do inform me, interested, have no internet connection at home, that is suxx

pjan said...

u will feel that ur slower than a tortoise when u went to singapore where u can get 12mbs connection..hehehe..
FYI if ur using DIGI EDGE around klang valley u will be very happy and the speed performance is above the average. Compare to celcom or maxis, DIGI Edge in klang valley is much better. but if ur not in klang valley area dont ever try to use DIGI Edge.:P

In JB, DIGI EDGE performance is OK.