Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Alor Setar Food

Yesterday I went to Perlis to see my sister, it was raining like cats and dogs. I always get extra hungry when it rains but since heavy rains I canceled my urge to eat in Perlis and decided to drop by at Alor Setar for food. I'm not very familiar with Alor Setar town but I have a friend who is a `kaki makan' and gave him a call to ask about good places to eat in town.

He recommended that I check out this restaurant, Restoran Mama, he said the service is a bit slow but the food is damn good. He said it's worth to wait for the food.

So I headed to the restaurant, browsed the menu and decided to try the Black Pepper Steak. The price only RM12. After 45 minutes of waiting at last my steak finally came.

I should have never take my friend word for it!!! Arghh !!! The steak was really tiny and thin, I was imagining a big juicy steak. Very dissapointed. Check this out....

Very very thin piece of steak, less than 1 cm. Total crap!! I was expecting the steak to be like this...

Maybe I was expecting for too much. Thank you very much my friend for such a `good' tips on where to eat.

p/s: power betoi la jaown

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My Reality and Fantasy Journey said...

bro, malay western food restaurant definition of steak is that, little tiny think meat, not a chunk of it. only a slim version of it. anyway can get the big chunck version at tony roma restaurant, hehe. anyway, mama restaurant famous for tom yam and other fried noodle or fried rice. and joned famous for their western, i think soo laa, hehe