Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Let's Eat and Make Money

A friend of mine gave me a call and said he wanted to buy me lunch, if I can't make it then dinner is fine too. What the hell, this sound so good to be true. Anyway since I am always hungry and someone very persuasive to buy me a meal, why not? I'll never resist such an offer but I went for dinner because I usually still sleeping during lunch hour.

So for dinner my friend took me to this new place in town called Island Red Cafe, usually known as IRC. The place seems very nice and clean. So many customers and very happening. The price is reasonable too compared to Old Town Coffee. So I ordered Nasi Lemak and a cup of coffee.

Once the meals arrived at our table, my friend started telling me that I can make money while just eating there. I knew this is coming. It's the Multi Level Marketing (MLM) thing. I hate MLM. Never wanted to hear anything about MLM but too bad this time I can't avoid it. So my friend started to explain about this IRC MLM and it goes something like this...
  1. Register as a member and you get a card worth of RM300 that you can use to pay in any IRC outlets in Malaysia. (registration is RM360)
  2. Get 1 friend as your downline you will get RM15.
  3. Get another friend and you will get another RM15 plus RM90 (you get RM90 for each pair)
  4. Maximum income you can get per day is RM7xx.
If you have many friends then perhaps you can make good money. What make this MLM different than others is you pay forward the money to eat in a restaurant. The food is not bad too. If you guys interested I suggest you check it out now before too many people registered as members. Then it would be too late to get downlines.

I still haven't registered yet and not really sure to register or not. The way I see it this is the best Multi Level Marketing ever. Maybe I should try it. Eat and make money. Makan dan jadi kaya.


My Reality and Fantasy Journey said...

lets open and outlet and do the same thing, confirm lagi kaya, hehe

The Aminos said...

Not bad, you got capital or not?

Pjan said...

if everybody open an oulet so who will be customer and will be taukey..hehehe come to jb i will belanja both of you at my mother in law restaurant.

jb yong tau foo is different from our yong tau foo. they use soup not kuah sambal.

Izan said...

nice place, foods ok.
a friend of mine just bought an EVO just by doing this thing.

you might want to check out this link bro

Island RED Cafe Online Networksalam.