Thursday, April 23, 2009

Invest In ASB Online With Maybank2u

I have a little saving in my ASB (Amanah Saham Bumiputera) account. The dividend per year is about 8% . It's easy to deposit or withdraw money from ASB since it has many agents in Malaysia such as Maybank, RHB bank, CIMB Bank and Pos Malaysia.

But still I find it difficult because I have to do the transaction over the counter. I always wanted to top up my ASB but then again when I think of all the hassles I have to go through such as driving to bank, finding a parking space and waiting in line in the bank, in the end I never top up my ASB.

Everything has changed now, since we can do it online. Apparently Maybank has provided the service to deposit money to your ASB account online through Maybank2u. This is very convenient.

Transaction fees is only RM1. (cheap, petrol and parking also cost more than that)

Just to let you guys how broke I am, here is my ASB account balance for you guys to see.....

RM31.77 only. Damn broke right? So if anyone want to donate to this poor jobless guy, please don't hesitate. You are always welcome. Buy me dinner or lunch also acceptable.

Hopefully this online deposit info helps a lot to you guys.

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