Sunday, April 26, 2009

To Find `Ayam' At Night

It's Saturday night again, many friends had gone for clubbing, partying, dating, karaokeing, car racing, girls courting, bank robbing, gang fighting and etc... ( having a good time)

What about me? Well.. I'm stranded at home, looking after my baby, sit right in front of my PC and read other people's blog for hours. For your info there nothing much to do in hometown ( Sungai Petani ) other than `lepak' at `mamak' or go `merempit' ( illegal motorbike racing ). Too bad for me since I don't have a motorbike, if I do then I can join the `mat rempit' go racing and perhaps win myself a `bohsia'. Then the night would not be so boring after all.

Since I don't have a bike and no chance to win myself a `bohsia', I decided to go out for alone and look for `ayam'. Much better, no need to race just pay!

Here is where you can `ayam' late at night in Sungai Petani...

24 hours Kentucky Fried Chicken ( Yes! my kampung also got 24 hours KFC ) near the clock tower. In the middle of the town.

I had dinner plate, came back home and write this post. What a boring Saturday nite !

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