Monday, June 15, 2009

China Dolls

I have noticed that now you can find girls from China everywhere in Malaysia. From selling pirated VCDs in coffee shops to working as GROs in KTVs. It's okay for China tourists to come over here for vacation but it seems most of them are coming here to work. Some work with permits but mostly without.

A friend of mine who is married with 3 kids recently dumped his wife for `China Doll'. What is happening here? Our nation is in a great loss now. Imagine how much money is flowing out from our citizen's pocket and gone to China. In my hometown massage parlors are everywhere and offering more than just massage, all masseuses are from China. I believe this is not just happening in my hometown but throughout the nation.

Perhaps the authorities should do something about it.

p/s : China Dolls very yummy lah, see also cannot tahan, that's why the demands are there. No demand no supply lah.


Chloe Ling said...

they wrecked homes don't they? If u were being offered one...will you take it ? i mean....HONESTLY?

The Aminos said...

i've been offered many already. still i stick to my wife.

My Reality and Fantasy Journey said...

i stick to my wife too! but its not wrong to play play around abit right?

CuTe CoraL said...

pls la.....dun ever try with that kinda thingy so called china doll~~ not clean~~