Wednesday, June 3, 2009

No More 3rd Party

Yesterday my dad asked me to go pay his car insurance and road tax. He usually go for 3rd party policy because he seldom drives around. So I went to an insurance agent who is also my friend to renew the road tax and the car insurance but he told me there's no more 3rd party policy. WTF MAN !

Kurnia Insurance only issues comprehensive no more 3rd party. So I decided to go for MAA since they still sell 3rd party policy but now they have made compulsory to buy additional PA policy ( Passenger Assurance I think ). Total insurance policy cost about RM350 + Road Tax RM350 = RM700. 700 bucks total and you get 3rd party, WTF !

My car insurance is due next month, I'm going to be really `koyak' next month. Shit does happen.

p/s : any ah long here? need to borrow money but please dont lock me in the toilet if i couldnt pay.


My Reality and Fantasy Journey said...

aiyah, u next month right, but me have to pay this month, have to pay before next sunday, really broke lahh

The Aminos said...

haha, i guessed you are in deeper shit