Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Women and Their Birthdays

Women are very sensitive when it comes to their birthdays. Today is my wife birthday (yes girls i'm married but not to worry, i'm always available). I always forget when it comes to her birthday but not this year, i had set an alarm in my phone to remind me of it. So last night i sent her a birthday sms at midnight and she was very happy about it (though i came back home very late in the morning but never `kena kan').

So, earlier i took her for dinner in a very nice restaurant and had some very nice food but i totally forgotten one more thing, her birthday present. Totally `farked' now, so i told her coming soon. Any idea what to buy for her that cost less than 20 bucks??

p/s : maybe i should tell my wife i that dont buy anything for her because i dont want her to buy anything for me on my birthday. my birthday is next month. `JIMAT'


My Reality and Fantasy Journey said...

errrr, no birthday present for my wife this year also, i'm farking broke, aihhh, what to do

The Aminos said...

i think wife no need give present already, but present for gf more important.

Anonymous said...

Haiyaaa Amino..

u could bring her to fish spa..
(give her something different)

The Aminos said...

fish spa ah? hmmm... i think i can do that.