Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Buah Pala To Buah Durian

I cant help myself but to say something to the Kampung Buah Pala residents. What is wrong with you guys? You guys will be getting a 500K worth of house for each family, that's really a good deal. Grab this opportunity while you still can rather than getting NOTHING at all and ended up with no house to stay.

This is a `durian runtuh' for you people. Now I wish I am one of the resident in Buah Pala. Will get a 500K worth of landed house, sell it at 700K when the price appreciate and gain extra 200K. Then buy a RM150K apartment and still have RM550K to spend or open a mini market.

This is the rich guy who's giving away the houses, Thomas Chan...

He's not only giving away houses but taking away houses also lah. WTF, not my problem.

p/s : easy for me to say lah, it's not my house that they are going to demolish.
Thomas, give me free house also lah.


William said...

Hahaha... I also want a free house! Imagine I only have a broken house and in the not so far future, a brand new house! We have the same problem here in Miri... a bunch of people gang together not wanting to let go and want to negotiate hard. At the end, the developer just don't bother.

Oh, you have a cool blog. You speak hokkien also! That is truely 1Malaysia. You are ahead of our PM's idea by a generation!

Chloe Ling said...

I also want a free house! :P