Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Old 7575

If you read my previous post, you know that I need to travel more often now and it's very tiring travel around in my little Proton Savvy. It's very economical but not suitable for long distance. I have no choice but to repair my old 7575 and get it on the road. Here is my 7575......

From the photo above my 7575 looks just fine but there's many things need to be done. The leather seats are cracked, roadtax expired, insurance also expired, battery is dead, timing belt need to be changed, absorbers need replacement, got to change all the tyres, brake not functioning, engine need some repairs and also need to repaint the whole car.

That's why I don't drive the car for a year already. Now the car is at my friend shop to do the seats first. Check out the condition of the seats ......

Very bad condition right. It has been like that for years. So now I need some financial help. Any `Ah Long' out there got no business out there please email me, I will be your customer but if I cannot pay please dont chop my family okay. Have a chicken chop.

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