Thursday, August 27, 2009

How To Transfer Big Files Online

I like to download movies and watch them on my PC rather then going to the cinema. This is because it's free and I can pause the movie anytime I like when I need to take a leak. You cant do this in the cinema, if you go to toilet during a movie in the cinema then you'll missed a scene of the movie.

Usually friends will ask me to send the movie files to them but the thing is I cant attach them in my email because movie files are big files. Of course I can share them online using rapidshare but using rapidshare needed registration and some idiots just lazy to register (including myself). So this is how I transfer the files to them.

Go to, upload the file there and give your friend the code given. Your friend can go to the website, enter the code and download the file. The best thing about this site is it's free and no registration needed. No limit to file size too. Give it a try.


My Reality and Fantasy Journey said...

wow, this is good tips lah, by the way, what movie you uploaded already, mind to share? hehe

The Aminos said...

jaown : hangover, damn good and fucking funny movie

Chloe Ling said...

Aminos!! wow u always have a lot of good sites to recommend!! The movie sharing one, sure is a good one!

white02 said...

hurmm gud sharing bro!~

keep posting..

The Aminos said...

chloe : try, much better.