Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm Now Protected

Yup, now I'm protected from accidents. Not that I cannot get hurt from any accident but at least my pocket will be protected from medical bills.

I always wanted to buy an insurance policy that can cover what I really need but most of the time insurance agents will try to sell almost everything they can to you. To sit down and have a coffee with an insurance agent is really scary, in fact I hate to even chat with them. They have nothing else to talk about except how good their insurance policy and how their policy will protect you. WTF, sell sell and sell only they know. But this guy is different......

My new insurance agent. Ah Cing. This guy has a different way to approach customer. He doesnt talk much about insurance, just girls, sex, alcohol, discos, cars and other stuffs. In fact I didn't even know that he sells insurance until of course in the end when I asked him what he does for a living and he eventually said INSURANCE !!!!!.

Arghhh ... Insurance agent ah??? Nevermind lor just to be polite I simply asked about his products. He recommended that I buy a PA policy (Personal Accidents) for only RM195 a year and be protected. Kind of cheap and worth buying considering if I get admitted to a private hospital also for any injury will cost a few thousand already nowadays. This policy will cover my medical bills and pay me RM100 a day some more and RM1500 for five days admitted.

That's my AIA Care Card. If you guys want to buy this policy please contact my friend Ah Cing at 012-4282911. Support this guy a bit, can `bayar hutang' some more if you want. Cheap and worth it.

p/s :
If I get broke maybe I can fake and accident and get some pocket money from it, hehehe, just kidding.


Anonymous said...

advertise 99
haha thanx

Chloe Ling said... his fone no. somemore kah...hehe...Rm195 is a pretty cheap deal....worth it i thk.

The Aminos said...

just cheap promotion for him lah. kih kih kih.