Thursday, August 20, 2009

Now I Have A Choice

Yeah, looks like P1 Wimax is in town now. If you guys been following my blog you know that I'm having lots of problem with streamyx in my area. The reason I'm still using streamyx is because I have no other choice, Celcom Broadband is not reliable in my area. Now since P1 Wimax is here I'm thinking of hopping over to P1 Wimax. If I have more problem with streamyx in the future I will say bye bye streamyx.

p/s: anyone already using P1 wimax? how's the perfomance?


eugene said...

hey bro,are you sure you are jobless?

ok,first time visiting,we will bet to know each other better if i were to come here often,if you dont mind,,,,,came from Claire's blog,,,,good friend of mine..

take care now and the weekend is here,, me stays in penang one,, penang kia

The Aminos said...

eugene : Yup, jobless for long time already. Good to know you bro. I'm always in Penang too.

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hi Aminos, it is my first time here and I can say that you got a cool blog. :)

The Aminos said...

grace : Thank you Grace. Nice to have you here.