Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mo Siang Online Game

I always `lepak' at my friend's place and he always screws his sons for not doing their homework and spending too much time with the computers. It seems the kids have gone crazy about this online game called `Mo Siang Online'. Since I have nothing to do as well so why not do what the kids are doing, let's play online game. Let's `Mo Siang' too.

It has been 2 months now since i started to play this game, and you know what?? I'm hooked to it, I guess I have gone crazy too. Sometimes I spend 12 hours non-stop playing this game.

Very cool game, for those who got nothing to do out there, I suggest you guys should try this game. Join me on Cerberus server in Mo Siang. My Character is NasiKandarHero.

You can download this game at

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