Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Thaipusam

Today is one of the most happening celebration here in Malaysia. At least that is my opinion. Why? Well... today all the Indians will come out wearing very colourful outfit and gather at the temple to pray. That's the good thing about today. Praying has always be a good thing.

Later.... they will start drinking and dancing in the middle of the road. Very happening.

Then.... the peak of the event and the MOST happening thing is they will fight among themselves. What a great closure of the celebration. They have been doing this over and over again every year.
But not all of them, just a portion of them.

All that I wanted to say here is, Malaysia is a very unique country to have many races living together. We are all blessed to be able to witness other races cultures and festivals.

Happy Thaipusam to All Malaysian Indians from me.

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