Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thailand `Car Insurance'

For those who always drive to Thailand, this is very important information for you guys. Usually you don't have to buy car insurance policy when you just want to go pass the Thailand border to Danok, but if you decided to go further than that, you must buy the car insurance. I think you guys would already knew that but..

This is the story from 3 of my friends that had just came from Thailand. They drove a BMW 5 series to Thailand about a week ago to Hat Yai city to be more exact. On the way back they had an accident. They knocked a car in front of them and the car in front of them knocked another car in front. Something like a domino effect. Four cars involved in the accident including their brand new 5 series beemer. Since they have bought the insurance policy they thought they got nothing to worry about until the insurance agent came and told them the insurance is actually for pedestrian. Which means the insurance policy only cover people, NOT VEHICLES.

That's right!! Only people not cars, if you knock other vehicles you have to pay for everything!! and the police will hold your car until you settled all the damages done by you. They ended up paying RM20,000 for all the cars (except their car).

So... since that you know about this, try not to drive to Thailand. Take bus or train or just fly there. Hassle free. If you still want to drive there, find someone who can read thai and buy the correct insurance policy which i heard cost around RM500. Those insurance policies that you had been buying near border all this long are BIG TIME SCAMS !!

Hope this information is helpful. Don't believe me? Go buy the insurance and go knock another car in Thailand. See what happen.

p/s: Jaown, careful man. I know you always go to Thailand.


jaowns said...

aiyah, thailand really sux laa, always tipu orang, by the way, we having a trip to satun,thailand on 27/03, wanna join?

The Aminos said...

No more Thailand for me, baby is coming soon. Thanks anyway,