Friday, February 13, 2009

What to have for breakfast ?

I always like to have `nasi lemak' for breakfast and sometimes I buy `nasi tomato' at the road side which cost me rm2.50 a `bungkus'. Additional rm1.50 will get me a `teh ais'. Total damage rm4.00. That's a lot of money for a breakfast.

My dad can `kau tim' his breakfast for only rm2.00 but I'm double his weight and much younger, so I need to eat double and pay double what he pays.

He pays rm2, I pay rm4. Fair enough.

But today I managed to beat my dad in this breakfast and this is what I had for breakfast this morning...??

`Roti Telur' and `Kopi Ais'. The damage is only RM2.70. I beat you dad !

You guys can do this too but I think you can only make it cheaper only by eating less. By eating less for breakfast you'll be eating like a pig for lunch. So don't eat less ok.

There's another to thing you can have for breakfast for much cheaper or free. You guys can eat this ...

Yeah!! Eat shit guys !!

p/s : The prices mentioned is in Sungai Petani, Kedah. Don't compare with KL.


satora said...

shit!!! u put a shit picture in here..

satora said...

really2 cut off my selera makan.. truely a super damn pic..

The Aminos said...

That one good shit lah !

jaowns said...

aihhh, what a nice shit there, anyway, you know me lah a very kiamsiap aaa they call, or kedekut, so, usually for breakfast i have a 2 bungkus normal nasik lemak that price 60 sen for 1 bungkus, and a glass of air suam or ais kosong, the total price is rm1.20, bite me! :P

The Aminos said...

wah.... you really the kiamsiap guru. keep it up man.