Monday, February 9, 2009

Making Money Online, Can or Cannot?

Many people has been trying to make money online, I tried too but what the hell, there are still many ways for making money. But now the situation is different for me, I have a blog now. Hooray !!! I might be rich. But when thinking about Tun Dr. Mahathtir's blog or Kennysia's blog and how many visitors they have everyday, I think i might not be so lucky with this blog thing.

So what if I can't make any money online, I like to blog and I'm willing to do it for NO money at all (some money won't do any harm.. hehehehe). I am going to put Adsense' on my blog and going to put `nuffnang' too on my blog soon just to try my luck.

p/s : to hell with Malaysian Politics........

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