Friday, February 27, 2009

Healthy Lifestyle ( Vege Planting )

Following my previous post of Healthy Lifestyle, I decided to eat more vegetables. If you can afford to buy them then it's not a problem since you can buy them everywhere, but for a jobless guy like me, I really can't afford them.

So, I try to plant them. I have started a few days back by planting `sayur sawi' (in English I think it's called green mustard or in chinese `chap choi', please correct me if I'm wrong).

I bought the seeds from Parkson for Rm1.70, spread the seeds on a tray with peat moss, water them 3 times a day and this is the result...

See that !! It's growing. If everything goes well, about 40 days from today it's ready for `mee goreng' or just simply `vege soup'.

For all the `kedekut or kiam siap' people out there, you can plant them too. Easy and cheap.

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