Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Where to invest in Malaysia?

There are many kinds of investments in Malaysia like Fixed Deposits, ASB, ASW, Forex and many more. Here I would like to share with you on what I think is the best to way to invest your savings rather than placing your money in savings account which gives you only 1% or 2% interest p.a.

Buying and holding gold has always been a good investment because gold price always go up. If it goes down that would just be for temporarily only. Apparently the price will definately be going up and up. But, where the hell are you going to buy gold for just a few grams. You can't buy them at jewellery shop, can you? You can't buy them from 7-11 of course.

Here's the answer. Buy them at any Public Bank in Malaysia. You have to buy initial purchase of 20 grams only at market price and can buy 5 grams subsequently. Just as simple as eating `roti canai'.
Buy at cheaper price, Sell at higher price. Check it out here.

p/s: U guys check it out lah, I'm jobless so can't afford it. kekeke

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