Sunday, February 8, 2009

Former Majalah 3 Host Leaked Nude

Norazlina Redzuan former Majalah 3 host nude photos has leaked and circulating on the internet now. I don't really know who she is since I don't really watch Majalah 3 or to be more accurate I'm not the tv kind of guy, just internet kind of guy.

I'm not going to post her nude photos in my blog but you can click here and search majalah 3 or Norazlina Redzuan to see her nude photos.

Just a piece of advice to everyone out there, don't snap any photo of yourself nude unless you want to share them to the whole world. It just the matter of time before they get into the wrong hands.


joe blackie said...

i think its not her picture, look abit different

The Aminos said...

As I said, I don't even watch TV nowadays so I don't know too

Anonymous said...

its her, the face is the same. the only difference is due to age.